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  • Operates the SC Technical College System, which is comprised of 16 technical colleges located across the state and its statewide affiliate programs: the Center for Accelerated Technology Training’s readySC™ program and Apprenticeship Carolina™.

  • The State Committee that monitors accommodations tax reporting.

  • Selects and assists in financing major qualified projects by providing loans and other financial assistance for constructing and improving highway and transportation facilities necessary for public purposes including economic development.

  • SCDOT provides up-to-date travel and traffic information. View live traffic cameras, road conditions, and maps.

  • Provides banking, investment and financial management service for the state, such as the investment, cash management, and safekeeping of the State's general and restricted funds and receipt and disbursement of all funds.

  • Provides need-based grant assistance to eligible South Carolina undergraduate students attending, on a full-time basis, eligible independent non-profit in-state colleges.

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