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  • Delivers electrical, mechanical, maintenance, fire protection, horticultural, custodial, project management, safety, and building renovation services for state-owned buildings.

  • Promotes South Carolina locales to the film industry.

  • Responsible for the supervision, licensing, and examination of all State-chartered banks, savings and loan associations, savings banks, credit unions, trust companies, development corporations, consumer finance companies, deferred presentment companies, and regular check cashing companies.

  • Training courses, certification, and instructor resources for prospective and current firefighters.

  • The Office of State Fire Marshal has a regulatory responsibility to ensure compliance with state fire safety regulations.

  • A comprehensive, results-oriented statewide education initiative to help prepare our children to reach first grade healthy and ready to succeed.

  • Provides oversight for the fiscal activities for the SC state government.

  • Manages the State's motor vehicle fleet.

  • Protects, promotes, enhances, and nurtures the forest lands of South Carolina.

  • Provides external accountability for the foster care system and advocates on behalf of children in foster care.

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