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  • Visit SC DMV for more information on the REAL ID.

  • Access reports by regions regarding labor and economic statistics for the area.

  • The SC Secretary of State regulates charities in SC. All charitable organizations which intend to solicit contributions or have contributions solicited on their behalf must register on an annual basis. Register your charity here.

  • If you have information indicating that a firm or individual may have offered unregistered securities, act as an unregistered securities dealer or agent, or engage in any fraud in connection with the sale of securities, you may submit a complaint.

  • The SC Secretary of State regulates professional fundraisers in SC. All professional fundraisers which intend to assist charitable organizations in the solicitation of contributions must register with the Secretary of State’s Office on an annual basis.

  • Register as an individual, business, or analyst with the SC Department of Employment and Workforce.

  • Register or title your boat or personal watercraft.

  • Renew your Concealed Weapons Permit online.

  • File a complaint involving state government agencies in the state executive branch only.

  • Request to rent a vehicle from the State Fleet.

  • Provides notice to unmarried biological fathers who affirmatively assume responsibility for children they may have fathered by registering with the Responsible Father Registry.

  • The Retirement Calculator allows you to enter information to obtain an unofficial estimate of your South Carolina Public Employee Benefit Authority (PEBA) retirement benefit.

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